CEIBA TELE-ICU decided to use all the possibilities of the technology and, through the most qualified specialists of its staff, to deliver health services in standard and high efficiency in 'intensive care' without any interruption. To this end, CEIBA established a high technological subdivision with a staff of well-proven professionals in their fields. CEIBA developed one of the most advanced software industry that is the only tool to integrate and connect the medical devices and other ICU platforms to the hospital management system with a brand agnostic method. CEIBA TELE ICU also defined the processes and procedures within the scope of high quality standards.


And, for the first time in Turkey, TELE-INTENSIVE CARE (TELE-ICU) services started by CEIBA TELE ICU.




From the past to the present day, the importance of health services in society has always been perceived at a different value.


There was no option other than the fact that a physician was able to maintain his / her presence through individual health services rather than social health services within the scope of his / her own possibilities.


Societies got developed and crowded. The world continues to grow and get crowded at an extreme pace. Therefore, healthcare delivery is required to use technology to provide services remotely to maximize resources and connect devices to improve efficiency and decrease costs.

The establishment of large-volume hospitals and the use of the highest technology in these hospitals may not be enough to ensure that healthcare services reach out to every individual in the community. Or, if you are delivering health care to all the people in your community, it is getting harder to get standardized health care quality.


Especially, it is inadequate in the training

of competent experts.

In the U.S., approximately 35% of the total intensive care bed capacity (over the last 5 years) is now managed and administered with tele-intensive care method.


CEIBA TELE-ICU is committed to continue to work with the awareness of being a pioneer in endless self-reliance telemedicine applications.


CEIBA TELE ICU is bringing you the best healthcare services that everyone deserves.



Everyone deserves the health service CEIBA TELE-ICU is coming to everyone's feet.